Conciousness 2.0

CONSIO, a concept brand for an imaginary company, had two separate but united goals. The first goal was to track, study, and quantify how and why information is shared on the Internet, and what makes it go viral. CONSIO then used established channels to transmit important global information to the world. In order to achieve CONSIO’s first goal, we targeted social media influencers (the prime target audience for sharing information on the Internet) and other social-savvy people in large metropolitan areas, and enticed them to attend a secret, exclusive event. In order to receive the undisclosed details of the event, they were required to interact with our advertising (i.e. scan a QR code or follow CONSIO on social channels). Once they did, the fun began.
  • TypeStudent
  • FormatLogo/Poster/Swag
  • SourceGraphic Design II
  • ClientDeanna Alcorn